The other Germany

I want to give people outside of Germany the chance to get a different view to the successful and peaceful Germany everybody knows from Mainstream Media.
I’m German and my English is not perfect, so I apologize if it’s not proper.

Germany 2018 is a country that just had the highest increase of economical growth since the past 6 years. Still Germany has one of the highest standards of social welfare, security and prosperity worldwide.
At least that’s the official picture of Germany. That’s how we want other people to think about us. That’s how we want to see ourselves.

But there is another Germany as well, a Germany we don’t want to show in public, we don’t want to show even to ourselves. This Germany I want to introduce to you.

It’s the Germany governed by one person since 12 years now and maybe another 4.

It’s a country where the minister of Interior is still in position, even though he loudly announced that during the refugee-crisis 2015 not a single terrorist arrived in Europe.
Where the minister of defense is still in place even if under her command equipment got so bad, helicopter pilots have to train with private helicopters, because their own are to dangerous to use.
Where the minister of foreign affairs openly calls Mahmud Abbas his personal friend, even though this friend denies that the Holocaust ever happened.
Where the minister of justice passes a law to install censorship, and Germany drops two places in democracy ratings.
Where more than 120 days passed, but there is no Government in place. But the parliament had enough time to go for Christmas holidays and increase the salaries of the members of the parliament.

A country where estimated 900.000 people are homeless and we still have to estimate because the government is refusing to set up statistics. And the reason for this is simple, if you don’t have a statistic, you can’t proof that the number of homeless people is rising through the roof since Angela Merkel became chancellor.

It’s a country where Refugees commit 8,6% of all crimes but in numbers are only 1 to 2 % of the population. And focusing on more serious crimes this number even rises up to 14,9%.

Where public broadcasting is openly assisting the government.

A Germany where the constitution and European law is openly disregarded and the Supreme Court denies accepting complaints to this topic.
So since 2012, the German government refuses to obey law, without consequences.

A Germany, where the government retirement plan in which all workers in Germany have to participate is secured till 2030. And Angela Merkel is refusing to discuss what happens after.

I could go on with examples, but to get to the point, Germany is a struggling country as it is not prepared for anything that Germany has to face in future.
Infrastructure for modern technology is missing, trained and experience workers will be missing in 10 years after a big number of them will be retired by than, with a rising number of Germans following the Islam nobody has an idea to decrease fanaticism among them, the EU is a failed system that decreases the cohesion of the European nations instead of increasing it.

All important questions for the future are unanswered and still Government is killing time with the question of gay-marriage or a 3rd sex.

This is just a short overview about the situation in Germany. Information MSM doesn’t like to share, as it could damage the reputation of the Germany we all know from MSM.

In following comments I will point more intensive into the specific problems. Unfortunately things are not as they seem.

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