Angela Merkel

Germany is now ruled since 12 years, and will be for another 4, by one person. Angela Merkel took over Germany during the aftershocks of international crisis and economical depression. Her predecessor Gerhardt Schröder was pushing strong changes to the social welfare system. Due to the economical depression Germany faced the highest number of company shut downs ever in it’s history. The social welfare system got too expensive for a economical declining country.

Now 15 years after the reforms of Gerhardt Schröder almost everybody comes to the conclusion that it was right to do so. It was the step that made the success of Germany today possible.

Angela Merkel took over after painful changes putting Germany back on track and brought it back to the dominating position it has today.

So what did she do in the past 12 years?

She was standing in the bright light of Germany’s success, and naturally people think as she is the head of the government it must be at least part-wise here success.

Even among Germans the question „what did she do to improve Germany?“ will keep most speechless. So how come somebody stays head of government if nobody can tell any success of her?

That’s the point when her followers will start arguing that’s not true. She ruled Germany through a financial crisis, shut down nuclear power plants, saved Greece, and rescued hundred-thousands of refugees.

So did she?

Let’s see what she did chronological.

  • When the crisis of American real estate reached Europe it was hit by the struggling of major banks all over Europe.
    And the Idea of too big to fail was made up. Billions were spend on saving the profits of rich people. Instead of just saving the savings of the taxpayers. And not only did Angela Merkel not help the people of Germany, she put them in debt for the profit of the bankers. The case of Island proofs that what she did was not without alternative. It would have been possible to make the bankers pay their own debt’s. But obviously the bankers have a better lobby than the people, and the people are too stupid to remember this betrayal 2 years later at the next vote.
  • When Greece struggled in the after-match of the financial crisis, Merkel proclaimed right from the beginning that there are no alternatives to keeping Greece within the Euro and Germany has to buy them free to help the people of Greece.
    That was the first time, when she was trying her strategy of politics without alternatives. She tells what she wants to do, and proclaims there are no alternatives to it.
    So she decided single-handedly, that there is no other way and followed this way.
    She saved „Greece“, but actually nothing was less interesting to her. Her goal was to save the German banks that had spend billions of Euros in bets on Greece economy. And if Greece would fall out of the Euro, the German banks would have to face a second crisis.
    But today billions of Euros in dept, Germany still pays and the bankers saved their big houses. But day by day the population of Germany looses money.
  • After the great catastrophe in Japan, Merkel decided again single-handedly to shut down Germany’s power plants. And even though the shut down was already decided to be made in steps, and contracts with the energy-companies have been singed.
    She proclaimed that there is no alternative and shut them down, violating contracts and forced the German taxpayers to pay enormous fines just because of her decision.
  • As a last step to proof her absolute incompetence she invited, yes invited millions of young male muslims to come to Germany.
    And again she claimed that there are no alternatives. She violated the German constitution, broke the European contracts without ever being charged on this topics. Neither the parliament nor the Supreme Court ever investigated her actions.
    The result of this actions are, the crime rate rises to unknown peaks, education in schools becomes almost impossible, sexual harassment became a daily crime, not even speaking of the enormous amounts of money this experiment will cost.

This was only a short summary of why people might not be happy about Angela Merkel, why there was a party founded called „alternative for Germany“, and why she is not the good politician mainstream media tells.
But I have to admit, she mastered one skill. Since her time working up the ranks in the inhuman political system of communist eastern Germany she learned how to backstab and do everything to put her claws into power.

Details to the topics will follow, in other posts.

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