Why Europe and the European Union is not the same

Europe as a continent faces thousands of years of deep hate and unseen bloodshed in world history.
But also a huge cultural diversity on a relatively small amount of space.
After the 2nd World War and the terror that was spread with it, and facing the Soviet Union at the same time, Western Europe had to change. So it was up to France and Germany the long-time rivals to change first.

Robert Schuman the minister of foreign affairs of France and Konrad Adenauer the German chancellor came to the agreement that the best solution would be to pool coal and steel as vital resources needed for a country to wage war.
This was the first step towards the European Union. So right from the beginning the idea was to achieve peace by improving economical cooperation. This relationship was extended in 1957 with the treaties of Rome.

When the EU was founded in 1993 everything what defines the EU already existed. People, goods and money could transfer freely within the member nations. The EU was only a cosmetic change that gave a lot of different contracts, treaties and agreements a unified name. But in the following step’s after 1993 the EU was turned from a cosmetic change, into a supranational union. This supranational aspect was an idea that right from the beginning never was without dispute.

But bearing Europes history in mind it’s fully understandable that a repetition of this history absolutely has to be prevented. So I can understand everybody that says that the progress that Europe made in these decades has to be defended.
But this doesn’t make the European Union immune to criticism. Because as I wrote above, all necessary freedoms and contracts that are responsible for 70 years of peace have already existed before the EU was founded.
So shutting down the EU and going back to the European communities wouldn’t actually change anything.
This shows criticism towards the EU is not problematic at all!

As I wrote in another article the EU is a failed system that decreases the cohesion of the European nations instead of increasing it. When saying this, I don’t say that all the decades of peace or the cooperation between the European Nations have failed. When the European Union became a supranational union and took piece by piece more rights and also more money from his members, it also piece by piece became more unpopular. And because the EU positions itself as the only possible solution for a peaceful coexistence of the European nations it divides the nations, even though the whole purpose of all the steps that lead to the EU had only one goal to unite the nations.

How does the EU do this?

The Euro,
was never been undisputed and even when he was introduced resistance have been everywhere. That might have been the reason why no member of the Euro let his population decide about this important step. It was intended as a currency with common criteria of all members. But as time showed some members did openly cheat to fulfill these criteria and no actions where possible to act against violations of these common criteria. After the financial crisis, the European central bank took actions which violate all contracts and criteria’s of this common currency. By buying sovereign bond’s, money was directly transferred from one nation to the other. This is a clear violation of all contracts. By doing so citizen that had saved money in any other way than shares loose money with every year, as the worth of the currency is declining due to the politic of the European central bank. The nation that is hit worst by this development is Germany, as investments in shares are still an unusual way to invest money there.

was hit by the financial crisis and it reached the point of bankruptcy. But it was the strict idea of the followers of the EU that no country can or should leave the common currency. So everything was done to keep Greece within the currency. This led to a lot of actions that deepened the gap between Germany and Greece. The people of Greece been hit hard by the cuts, the Greece government was forced to do to get money from Germany. And Germany had to pay for the debts of a foreign nation. This had huge campaigns of hate between these two nations as a result.

State budget,
is another topic the EU divides the European nations. An EU considering itself as a state needs a budget. This is payed by the members but not in a fair split. The payments of the single members are not defined by the number of citizens, like a regular tax would be. The payments are based on the economical power of the different members. So the budget is based on an undemocratic collection of money. This budget rose from 2000 with 37,6 billions of Euros to 93,6 Billions in 2017. The budget almost tripled. And the reason for this is mainly the transfer of money from the EU to economical weaker members.

is a normal and necessary part of every place in the world. But no place except the EU is refusing to regulate this part of life. For a long time Europe was hard to reach, the countries around it were stable and on the EU pay list to prevent migrants from reaching Europe in the first place. With the Arabic spring the situation changed completely. Now migrants can cross the bordering states of the EU.
And the EU-contracts say that refugees have to stay in the country they first set foot into. So especially Spain, Italy and Greece were hit by enormous numbers of refugees. But countries like Germany or Sweden offered way more money to refugees which led to a situation that EU-law was disregarded for years. Italy didn’t want to have the refugees and the refugees don’t want to be in Italy because Germany pays more. This disregard and the refusing of the EU-members to solve the problem led to the refugee-crisis in 2015.
Now after years of disregard of EU-law, Germany wants to force all members to equally share the amount of refugees. Of course the other Nations refuse this idea.


The more the EU was changing from an economical union to a political union the less the peace and harmony among the member nations became.
Opposite to the claim of mainstream media and supporters of the political union of Europe, is the EU actually harming the peace in Europe. And reforms to decrease the power and especially decrease the bureaucracy of the EU are necessary.



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