What happend after 2015

We all remember the pictures of 2015, Germans welcome refugees at train stations, long treks of refugees walk through half Europe, and the selfies of Angela Merkel with her new guests.
But what happened after the pictures? 4 years later, what is left of this pictures? What is the situation at the moment?

In the Years of 2015 and 2016 around 1,5 million refugees crossed the border to Germany and asked for asylum. Why do I write around? Because nobody knows how many exactly. Also today the German government is not able to tell how many refugees are in Germany and who they are.
In 2015 mainstream media knew who was coming to Germany. At least they claimed they do.
So did they quote the Boss of Mercedes Benz with the words „Refugees can be the reason for another Wirtschaftswunder
The Head of the Union of German Industry was quoted with „As a rich country and because of christian charity is Germany able to afford these refugees“ and „Germany needs until 2020 7 Million workers“ because of the aging of German society.
The two public TV channels(ARD and ZDF) with the highest numbers of viewers at News-shows had to admit afterwards, that they on purpose did show mainly female refugees and their children, even though they new that 80% of the refugees were young males. They did so to manipulate the impression Germans have about the refugees.

So in 2015 the majority of Germany’s population was believing that they were welcoming a big group of educated and friendly people that are grateful for the help Germany is providing.
And this picture was made up by the government in cooperation with mainstream media. Everybody who was disagreeing on this, was branded an Extremist.
Like Pegida, but I’ll focus more on the treatment of people that are disagreeing another time.

So that was the idea Germans had about their new neighbors. But what did actually happen and what do we know?

Statistics about Refugees are only rough estimates as German government does actually not know, and don’t want to know, who arrived in Germany, how many of them, why are they here, and how much does Germany spend on this act of goodwill.

Nothing is easier than becoming a refugee in Germany. Proven was this by an German soldier. He actually got himself registered as a Syrian refugee and was receiving next to his salary as a soldier social welfare for being a refugee. He called himself David Benjamin and claimed to be a Syrian refugee and was accepted. And he succeeded even though the only language’s he speaks are German and French.

Almost all refugees that entered Germany where free to choose name, age, and nationality. Hard evidence was not necessary and still is not.
That of course lead to some problems, as women that barely alive escaped the Islamic State had to face the same people again in the refugee-camp that where torturing them in Syria.
Or that a refugee that killed a 14 year old schoolgirl was found out later that he is not 15, he is 20, but was send together with his victim to the same school.
It also lead to the kind of funny situation, that in the area around Passau, where the most of the refugees entered Germany in 2015, the sewage system reached it’s limits because too many passports where flushed down the toilet so the owners are able to choose name, age, and nationality.

When it comes to how many, the government also doesn’t know. There are numbers but everybody knows they are not true. As there are proven cases of asylum seekers, that easily had 20 and more identities receiving social welfare for each of these identities. On the other hand are there plenty of cases where refugees got registered, but then disappeared and nobody know if they are still in Germany or not.

Getting to how much money does Germany spend for the refugees? Here the government is smartly using the budgets of the different states of Germany to hide the number. If you want to know how much Germany spends a year for refugees, you would have to go to every single community in Germany and add by hand the numbers, adding these to the budget of all states, adding them to the budget of the nation. And than add also the hidden budget that is spend for NGO’s and „volunteers“ to help refugees.
The numbers change according to who you ask. The only number that is known is that the national budget spends 19 Billion euros for Refugees.
This is only one of many numbers that need to be added to the actual budget. German law orders that the states are responsible for the costs that are caused by refugees. So the 19 Billion from the national budget is an help to the states that have to pay for the decision of Angela Merkel. According to the statements of several governors of German states, are these 19 Billions not enough to cover even 50 % of the costs. So that’s where we get a rough idea from the costs. If 19 Billions is not half, we can assume, that the all together will be somewhere at 40 Billions or higher.

That is more than the whole budget of the ministry of defense!
40 Billion euros is more than the gross domestic product of Jordan a country with almost 10 Million people, and that gave harbor to 5 million Syrian refugees!
And this estimate does only cover direct costs! It does not include, the costs for administration, education, lawyers, judges, police officers, social workers, translators and so on!

So if we summon this up, until today, the German government has no Idea who is in Germany, they have no idea how many of them are here, and it spends more than 40 Billions of euros every year.

in 2016 the German government had to toughen the German laws to punish sexual molestation, and in general the crime rate went to the roof.

Slowly the public gets to know a massive corruption at the administration office for refugees(BAMF). This corruption have been known to the government since January of 2017. And this information was hold back to corrupt the vote of the national parliament.

Due to the migration of around 2 Million people to the cities of Germany, rents in cities did rise by 28%.

Courts hat to significantly increase the waiting-time for all the necessary actions, due to all the legal proceedings of asylum seekers.

Schools cannot hold up the standard of education, as there are too less teachers and in the classroom it became impossible to focus on math or geography, as all teachers have to train the new ones in German language.

Prices in kindergarten and day care center are going through the roof as the space is getting too little.

That is what followed up the decision of Angela Merkel. And still mainstream media is spreading the news that everything is good.








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